This project attempts to make Japanese culture more visual and accessible from outside of Japan, through providing good series of arts and crafts with new approaches.

Japan has a comprehensive cultures since ancient times. In order to present them accurately, we will use Tale of Genji, as cultural inspiration. 

The first Collection “ Moon at the Katsura Imperial Villa

This first series explores the imperial court lifestyle inherited in the Katsura Imperial Villa (桂離宮) and the moment of moon-viewing at the Villa.

The Katsura Imperial Villa, was constructed in the beginning of the 17th century. The central theme is “the Moon viewing.”

Emperor Reizei (冷泉帝) wrote the following poem in the style of Waka poetry:

“Far away from imperial house and bustle of the city, in the country village of Katsura, the reflection of the moon upon the water is clear and tranquil.”

It really describes one’s feelings through “objects” one sees. As this passage shows, this site has been known as one of the most elegant places for admiring the Moon.

Its strolling style garden features teahouses, small hills, sandy shores, bridges and stone lanterns around the pond, with water drawn from the Katsura River (桂川). There are four teahouses: Shokintei(松琴亭),, Shokatei (賞花亭), Shoiken (笑意軒) and Gepparo (月波楼). Another feature of the garden is the Onrindo (園林堂), a hall housing a statue of Buddha(持仏堂). 。

We prepared two sets of products: dinner party set and tea party set. For dinner set, we put together light-blue plates representing the water of the pond, bamboo tray with different traditional design often used during moon-viewing, and small ceramic cups for tasting Sake.